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10 Smart Apps To Improve Your Work and Life Balance



Work and Life Balance

 Maintaining a Work and Life Balance, the balance between one’s life which encapsulates many things but is not limited to; personal growth, relationships, career, and social media coercion, is a big task that could cause mental fog if proper monitoring is not allocated to it. However, we can majorly split our lifestyles into work and personal living. Between this two is a wide gap that everyone is attempting to bridge.

At a point in time in your life, when you have grown and feel like you need a balanced lifestyle, you will need first to learn to have firm feet in all the shoes you are putting on.

Wonderfully, technology has made everything easier mantra remained gallant in this respect.

Realizing that striking a balance between work life and personal life is an extremely difficult process, technologists have built several applications with unique features specific for the convenience of every working person and everyone who has their feet hanging in many places.

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To this end, we shall examine the 10 balancing applications we have considered built with capabilities to make your work and life easier. 

Stick around as you are about to actualize your soft lifestyle dream. Here we go, in no particular order; 


The name (WORK-LIFE BALANCE – NO STRESS) has well described the application. It is built to provide a work-life balance and a stress-free life. This app accommodates and provides flexibility with your time for self-improvement, career, family, friends, health, leisure, and societal functions. This segmentation helps to achieve productivity, focus and build discipline. 

This app helps you design your day through a to-do list and recommend routine activities, self-reflect by journaling, build life-changing habits, balance your life wheel, let you know your life progress through weekly reports, and lift your life spirit. The app is also laced with positivity to motivate and boost your self-confidence. 

The application has a 5-star rating on the play store, is free, and is available offline. 



If you would love to do more with your time, smash more goals, and be more productive, this is for you. The app time tuner has special time-saving and plan-scheduling features. Time Tuner creates a time-blocking system for you, depending on your needs.

A time-blocking system is a planning technique that divides your day into smaller sectors, each for particular tasks. With this system, you can focus on one task at a time, thus, shutting out distractions and procrastinating. 

With a time tuner, you can achieve more within a specific time. It helps you learn and improve your time management habits, schedule routines and calendars with templates, organize your life to work faster and have time for other things, build focus and productivity, give custom reminders about your routines, and, most importantly, maintain a work-life balance. 

This application bagged a 4.5-star rating on the play store with in-app purchases. 





Focus to do the application is a science-based app that combines the Pomodoro technique and To-do list features to help you stay focused and achieve more. It is perfect for managing tasks, lists, calendars, reminders, and plans. 

A Pomodoro technique is a time management system designed in 25 minutes sessions. In Pomodoro, you work for 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break; after four consecutive 25 minutes sessions, you can now take a long 30 minutes break. 

This app is perfect for task management in both work and home spaces. With focus to do, you can organize your day, plan your tasks, build long-lasting habits, set reminders, and achieve tasks in order of priority. You can also track your progress through the app’s daily, weekly, or monthly reports. 




The forest balancing app imitates the lifestyle of plants to help humans build a balance in the life system. It is designed to help you reduce procrastination, be more dedicated, and manage time well. 

To give a sense of encouragement, a seed is sown every time you take up a task and germinate based on how much attention and productive you are. You will have a full-grown tree if you can spend the estimated time completely; however, if you fail to meet up, your seed withers and dies. 

This app deploys focus modes such as Pomodoro mode, stopwatch mode, and timer mode to help you stay glued to your tasks. It also provides reminders and inspirational quotes to keep you on track. 

Forest won the 2018 Google play best social impact app, self-improvement app, and top productivity app awards. It is free, easy, customizable, and has a 4.5-star rating on the play store



Toggl, like Time tuner, has a time tracker that helps you break down your tasks and know how much time you spend daily and how productive you are with it. 

The app helps you to balance work and life through time-saving. It helps you save time from frivolities so you can have more time to spend on things that matter. It achieves this through the Pomodoro technique, task lists, progress reports, and calendars. 

The app allows you to create entries and shortcuts for them, give you worthy suggestions based on your entries, customize your app and confer on you the power to manually control it all. 

Toggl is free, available for offline use, and can be synced across all your devices. 



Boosted time tracker app is like a pump that boosts your time through efficient management. This app helps to understand your habits o give you suggestion on your most active time. It helps you plan and schedule your tasks to improve focus and productivity.

With the Pomodoro technique, time management, and productivity tools, this app helps you understand yourself as a step to progress and make better use of your time. It also provides you with reports to keep you on your toes. 

This is free, available offline, and can be stored on Google drive. It has amassed a 4.7-star rating on the play store. 



Habitbull has all the features that help you to achieve all your goals while managing time and not leaving anyone out. The app is designed in such a way that it can fit into all your schedules and also help you get better at what you do. To achieve any balance, you need convenience, and that’s what habitbull does. 

Habitbull is like a competition app, just that you compete with yourself and no one else. Habitbull ensures that you get better daily and your today is always better than yesterday. It is also very useful in tracking your progress on the journey of balancing your work and personal life.

It has flexible features that keep you accountable to yourself. It can also serve the purpose of a calendar, to-do list, or planner to build daily, weekly, 

or monthly routines. It is also infused with reminders to help you stay on your toes and not forget things you must do. With Habitbull, you can build your dream lifestyle. You no longer have to juggle your work and personal life as you can now maintain both and still have time to take care of activities outside both. It can also help you to build a sleep pattern to maintain your health. 

The app is free, available offline, and can also be synced with Google fit so that you do not lose your data when you change your phone or mistakenly uninstall the app. It has a 4.4star rating on the play store. 



From its name, the brain focus productivity app is endowed with features that help the brain focus well on tasks to enhance productivity. The more focused the brain can be, the faster you can tick your tasks and the more you have time for other things. 

The app helps you ace the work-life cycles through time management. Using a Pomodoro-like technique, apps divide all your tasks into various work sessions. After each work session, you can reward yourself with a break. 

The app also helps you track the time spent on each task and how productive you are. It is also very flexible in configuring different settings for each task. 

The app is free and supports more than 30 languages. It garnered a 4.5-star rating on the play store.



Focus plant, like the forest, is a focus timer app built to imitate the plant’s lifestyle. Focus plant is exceptionally good for people who want to study and build self-control. It has a study timer, a focus session, and a Pomodoro timer. 

When you stay focused for a while, your barren land is filled with raindrops. Depending on your focus level, plants grow from the land. The more you apply the sessions to your lifestyle, the more plant and trees you grow until you have a forest. Focus plant helps you break free from phone addiction and procrastination and build productivity, concentration, and self-control in exchange. 

The app is free, available offline, and can be synced to Google fit. It bagged a 3.5-star rating on the play store. 




productive smart app has all it takes to make anyone productive. It helps you to manage your time, build a routine, be progressive and enhance your personal growth. 

The productive app helps you achieve a work-life balance through habit and routine planning, scheduling tasks, accurate reminders, and insightful statistics to encourage you. 

The app is easy to navigate, has an intuitive interface, and is free to use. It earned a star rating of 4.1 on the play store. 


However, having a work-life balance may seem like a mirage, but it is realistic if you are willing and committed to making it happen. Unlike some other things, it cannot be bought with money. 

Have fun picking your preferred app and enjoying a work-life balance.

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