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How Blockroll Transforms Payments for Businesses and Freelancers




The ability to direct one’s own work is revolutionary in the dynamic world of remote and freelance employment. Still, a typical problem that might get in the way of success is trying to choose the right payment software.

Handling team payments can become a laborious affair for business owners navigating the terrain of remote employment, wasting precious time that should be spent building your enterprise.

Now meet Blockroll, a glimmer of hope for individuals in need of a streamlined payment system that combines adaptability with ease of use.

Spearheaded by CEO Sadiq Isiaka with the support of his teammates; Stephen Adeyemo(CPO), Favour Adetona (CTO), and Emmanuel Nwaka (CMO).

Blockroll is more than a platform; it’s a promise of transparency, accountability, security, and adaptability, all empowered by innovative technologies.

At its core, Blockroll redefines the landscape of local and global payment processing, streamlining payroll for businesses, facilitating global gig payments for remote workers, and seamlessly connecting recruiters with pre-vetted talent.

This all-encompassing platform boasts features like a multi-currency wallet, invoicing tools, a virtual USD debit card, bank accounts, and more. With Blockroll, payments become a breeze, transcending currencies with the ease of fiat or stablecoins.

Currently serving registered users in Nigeria, Blockroll ensures a smooth registration process with standard requirements, including BVN (Bank Verification Number), KYC verification through a simple selfie, and basic personal details.

Committed to legal compliance, Blockroll provides comprehensive HR management assistance for remote businesses, covering everything from onboarding to offboarding. This allows users to direct their focus where it truly matters – growing their business.

This secure, one-stop app for all your payment processes is hosted on fortified servers, granting you the ability to manage your time, projects, and resources effortlessly. The stress of payments becomes a thing of the past, embodying the true essence of technology.

The Blockroll team stands united in their commitment to empower business owners and freelancers alike to “Go Borderless, Be Limitless” through their innovative solution.

We at MifiBiz believe Blockroll is one the best solution to HR management and Payroll issues.

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