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Akande Pelumi: The Young Entrepreneur Transforming the Tech and Business Landscape



Akande Pelumi

In today’s Founder Spotlight session, we will talk about Akande Pelumi, a young entrepreneur making waves with his innovative and legal ventures.

Akande Pelumi stands out for his exceptional, innovative entrepreneurial skills.

We often hear about young adults engaging in fraudulent activities, but there are also many young adults who are achieving remarkable things through legal and impressive means. This individual deserves recognition and celebration.

Akande Pelumi, a Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) student, is well-versed in business development, innovation, and conceptual branding. Two years ago, he initiated an online marketplace, showcasing his uniqueness through carefully planned strategies, his approach was not impulsive but based on intelligent business skills and a profound understanding of business operations.

Pelumi’s expertise shone when he successfully led his team to victory in a highly competitive entrepreneurial competition.
Despite facing challenges in the initial months of his venture, when there were no returns or sales, Pelumi remained resilient, demonstrating unwavering commitment.

His persistence bore fruit when he identified an entrepreneurial opportunity in event ticket processing, launching a subsidiary business. This move proved highly successful, with Pelumi processing over eleven thousand tickets within a year without investing a single penny in advertising.

Beyond endurance, Pelumi’s journey reveals that the initial concept may not dictate the ultimate path to success. It emphasizes the importance of patience and steadfast commitment, leading to more promising opportunities.

Akande has built a career centered on tech and business, which has equipped him to become the founder of The Big Market (TBM) Nigeria. A rapidly growing ecosystem leveraging technology to simplify various aspects of everyday life. This ecosystem spans e-commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, energy, and technology.

While pursuing his studies, Akande also serves as the CEO of TBM Events, Director of Learning at Coast Academy (a scholarship program designed to empower young people to pursue careers in tech and business),
Co-founder of The Ployco Entertainment, Founder of Coast Digital and founder of Oloba.

Akande’s impressive skills and successful endeavors in helping brands in the early stages of development establish a workable structure for effective business growth. These accomplishments have earned him the alias “The King of Partnerships” and, most popularly, “Akande Bezos,” reflecting his enthusiastic interest in 21st-century entrepreneurship.

Under the TBM umbrella, the event ticketing platform launched on March 15, 2022, designed to streamline event ticketing globally. The platform ensures efficiency through QR code verification, cryptocurrency payment, stadium ticketing, and cross-country ticketing.

Despite being a creeping startup for a year, TBM achieved significant milestones, collaborating with over 75 organizers and processing more than 11755 tickets. Notable achievements include ticket sales for A-list artist Seyi Vibes, transactions in Canada, Europe, and Ghana, and operations in 80 countries and 265 cities worldwide.

With this impressive beginning, Akande looks forward to further penetrating larger segments of the entertainment industry, especially the events ticketing niche. Having built numerous successful businesses, Akande’s entrepreneurial spirit remains strong, and he is eager to build more successful businesses.

Taofeeqoh Oriyomi is a creative and passionate writer who has always used words to express her emotions since her younger years. She has continued to develop her skills, presenting a unique style that resonates with any audience. Taofeeqoh is a part of a research team for an SDG club in her school, and she also serves as the team lead for content creation at a non-profit organization.

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