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Olôbà, Crowns for Contemporary Gentleman.




Olòbà is an innovative brand known for creating meticulously crafted caps that seamlessly combine classic elegance and contemporary sophistication, honoring cultural roots while refining personal styles. Founded by Akande Pelumi, Olòbà aims to honor cultural roots while refining personal style.    

Imagine you walk into a room, standing tall with your heritage, and gaze follows you. Your Olòbà Fila is the first thing they see, an embodiment of poise that inspires confidence and commands respect and admiration. The wisdom of countless elders weaved into the very fabric of your Olòbà.The perfect marriage of tradition and modern flair.

Pelumi eloquently describes how the Olobà Fila whispers a silent promise to carry the torch of our culture, a seal of distinction that says, “I am Yoruba”, I am a man of tradition, yet I embrace the future. I am confident, I am stylish, and I am uniquely me.”

The Olobà seamlessly merges past and present, enabling the wearer to display their background in a modern fashion proudly.

Olòbà it’s not just a Fila; it’s a crown waiting to be worn, 

Wear your filà with pride, knowing it adorns not just your head but your heart.

Whether you’re navigating the boardroom or gracing a social gathering, Olòbà ensures your arrival leaves a lasting impression.

With passion and meticulous craftsmanship, Olòbàre defines traditional caps for today’s gentlemen.

As Pelumi declares, Wear your filà with pride, knowing it adorns not just your head but your heart.”

By visiting Oloba’s Instagram at Oloba and discover a world of possibilities where your Fila is woven with tradition and tailored for honor.

Let your headwear speak volumes.

Taofeeqoh Oriyomi is a creative and passionate writer who has always used words to express her emotions since her younger years. She has continued to develop her skills, presenting a unique style that resonates with any audience. Taofeeqoh is a part of a research team for an SDG club in her school, and she also serves as the team lead for content creation at a non-profit organization.

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